Nov 1, 2010

I wrote this in 2007, seemed appropriate...Cape Town photos coming soon.

Forget outside perspectives, ignore self-doubt and live each day with my own standards of discipline, kindness, intellectual exploration, and goodness. Never expect more than can be, never settle for anything less than what it should be, and always work to make the most of every opportunity. Learn from my mistakes, failures, heartaches, disappointments, loss and those of others, turning trying times into life vests for future use while avoiding the lure of disbelief or a callous outlook.

Continuously contribute to my family, to my work, to areas of injustice, to things that evoke passion, to the enjoyment of those around me. Partake in the arts, experience both your own creativity and that of others. Write for myself to remember and to learn. Write for others to share experiences, laughter and provoke discussions. Surround myself by those who bring joy to my life, yet be sure to face adversity in thought with grace, tolerance, and an open-mind. Have a job that pays money, a passion that takes times, a cause that involves everything, a family that I am utterly devoted to, a love I would die for, and friends that can always count on me.

No matter how hard it gets every action cannot be controlled, but my reaction can. A job will never define me, nor a title, nor a material object, only how I perceive myself will ever truly matter for that is what directly impacts my interactions with others. Have the courage to live as you desire and fortitude to fight for what you believe. Remember to do the best that you can at the time and have the compassion, humility, and awareness to look back with this in mind. So be patient, persistent, generous, and tenacious - savor the unknown, treasure the characters, and enjoy the journey.