Mar 5, 2013

What D2D & Hip Hop mean to me.

 “I dance because it’s my release, my freedom, my liberty but most of all its my choice." - Jade
"I come dance to learn more about myself and to bring out the side I never knew I had.  Dance is like my second family."  - Lettitia

“There’s loads of reason why I dance but the main reason why I dance is to express my feelings.  Feeling that have built up because I haven’t spoken about it.  Dance is like a painkiller to me, once am dancing, am in my own world. " - Sabea
“The reason why I come to dance is because I believe this is what I was made for.  I’m not really good at things at school there is nothing I can say I actually enjoy, except dance.   Dance has taught me loads of things not only how to love dance, but how to love yourself. " - Awwaaba
" This is where dance comes in. Dance helps me release all those emotions I keep in, making dance really important to me.  Helping me to build my confidence and realizing how much dance means to me." - Rhiann
"Dance makes me, ME!  It expresses how I’m feeling whether angry or happy. It’s like a best friend when I need it. It’s there, it understands me.  I don’t know where I would be without it. It’s my passion and I love it." - India
"It took me long to walk into this dance life.  The reason for this is because I never felt that I was good enough I had so many people putting me down, so much bad thoughts until I found D2D." -Demisha